Year’s End

My parents and sister are in the Pheonix airport, and Meredith and I are off in a few hours to join Freezefest for the next three days. Christmas may have been run of the mill, albiet in a good way, but new year’s promises to be excellent. Freezefest started with a stupid idea amongst outdoor […]

Thanks Eddie!

Namrita realizing she didn’t take the best line. Apparently the majority does not rule. Lady can ride, and she has a customized gravity dropper on a SS; very few people can aspire to such things. Me looking cool. Gotta love those Midge bars! Relieved after cleaning the first hard stretch going up trail 40. Clearing […]

"To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour."

Roading back this evening in the swiftening dark, it occured to me that I’ve only been riding the Karate Monkey for less than two weeks. Doing the math, I’ve only ridden it on dirt 7 times, 10 rides in total. Some of those have been exemplary, granted, but it’s a tribute I think to Surly […]

Progess (towards the new year)

I have had a fantastic weekend. Thanks to Eddie and Namrita for riding and hanging out yesterday, and thanks to Phillip and Ariel for showing up unexpectedly. Good folks, good fun, good work, and good food and beer. No more can be requested. As an exclamation point, I had an excellent run this evening. 9 […]


-Enjoy the winter celebrations. We owe it all to the pagans anyway. -The cheesesteak bailed from his Powell adventure, so he and Ariel came down and we drank some tasty brew last night with… -Namrita and Eddie O’dea. Who were kind enough to let me show them around Granite basin in my idiosyncratic fashion. Great […]


I’m jealous of the fun the CO crew is having. I love forceful weather, of any kind, but snow storms are the best. Lamentably, I live in the wrong state.