Always tricky, as Chris has noted, to switch gears after you spent most of the week gettin’ psyched to ride in the cold. This AZ morning, however, its crisp and sunny and blue. I woke up in my very nice bed (we finally found a proper mattress last month at a thrift store, $60 got us one which seems new), after having gone for a three plus hour power hike, ate a tasty dinner, and watched four episodes of The West Wing. Not too bad. Soon I’ll be scrutinzing maps for an 8 hour ride today.

Speaking of hiking, it was designed to be a two hour run. However, I’ve now given up on making my Patagonia Endurance pack work for trail running. All the various combos of high, low, tight, loose can’t keep the damn thing from bouncing around and eventually causing shoulder cramps. A pity, because I want to devise some way to be able to carry a gallon of water, snacks, clothing, and gear for all-day runs (when my fitness gets there!). Perhaps two bottles in hand, and two on some kind of hip pack will be the way to go; though I used my Mountainsmith Tour for r3 over a year ago and got side cramps from its bouncing on the way back down the North Kaibab. These are all less immediate gear issues.

A more immediate one is the stellar looking Jandd frame pack I’ll be reseaching and likely getting this morning. Jandd even has it on sale at their website. Meredith and I had intended to manufacture one ourselves, but the materials and zipper would likely cost more the the Jandd, especially on sale.

And of course, the Moab trip was cancelled. Chris states it well, the weather truly was a roll of the dice. We could be out there now having and easy, if chilly, time of it. Or we could be stopping every 200 yards to push through drifting snow, freezing the feet and pushing or finish well into a cold night. Given the long drive for all of us, the quality of the whole experience will likely be better in a week. Next weekend is also the last free weekend I’ll have to prerun some of the Red Hot course, so I’m going even if it’s snowing. My goals for that race, stated publicly to engender (self) accountability:

1) Finish under the cut off, if just.
2) Have fun.

That is all. Now I just have to break the inertia and get out there! Charge.

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