Thus far today the snow and rain have held off, so I hope to begin some interval work on the bike this afternoon. Between hiking, running, and cycling in the last eight months I’ve built an excellent base, demonstrated by my rapid recovery the last three weekends. I’ve consistently gone from thrashed to solid in […]

M’s new ride

We’ve “needed” a second car for a while, America being the car-based society that it is. Hardcore holdouts like Mr. Nice aside (and you rock, sir) I find it hard to get around from home to work to trails to store and back without a vehicle. Ergo, Josey the Xterra will become mine on a […]

New Hance-Tonto-Kaibab

If there is any place where the abyss looks into the observer with ease, it is overlooking Grapevine canyon on the Tonto trail. The black schist is stark and vertical, the dull-pink granite intrusions laid diagonally. Huge and consistent stripes that blend the near wall into the far, without the river inlayed at the bottom […]

Weekend Fear

Through mysterious circumstances at work, I have Monday off. So, I’m headed off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow for a three day solo backpack. I haven’t been backpacking in ages, given that overnighting on the river last September to alpine-start Choprock doesn’t really count. And solo backpack, I can’t even recall. Solo backpacking is freaky […]


I gave up. Julie wins, and is back to a singlespeed. More filing the cog and messing with the chain yielded no results, and brought me up against my prolegomena to any future cycling: I am a poor mechanic with a limited tolerance for tinkering. A character flaw, yes, but so be it. I’m going […]