Real deal (you guessed it) tomorrow because I’m (yep) tired.

Smoked the first half, old knee issues came back a bit near the top of the Gold Bar climb, so I decided to hike the rest to be safe. Succeeded, though I had to run the technical bits of the Poison Spider descent; blowing by jeeps on foot is way too fun. Ran a 7:46 according to my watch, breaking my goal without really trying. Knee issues hypothetically put to rest, I think I would have been an hour faster.

I’ll be back next year.

The course was awesome and brutal. Bill, who has ran over 50 50 and 100 milers, said it was harder than most 50 milers. I clocked 4.4k of up, and a hair less than 5k of down. The course websites figure are I think rather off.

See ya.


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