So, my hands hurt a lot after this past weekend. A hard day out, to be sure, but I want to continue having such days without being all jacked up, and plan for many this year. Maybe I should just get new gloves. Or perhaps I should go the more bling route and get one […]


Driving home an hour ago I could see, through the shades of precip and slanted evening light, the layers of Mingus Mountain above town better than I ever have. Normally, you can’t see the forests for the trees at all, but stereotypically unideal conditions today proved unique. So to with the rest. When I have […]

Posters sent

Dropped by the post office on the way to work. 20 posters sent out, to 14 different people/organizations. CA, UT, ID, AZ, CO, and IA for the hell of it. We’ll see what happens. As per recent discussion, I don’t want an enormous number to show, and yet the democratic dimension of these events, and […]


Race posters are copied, most are packaged and ready to send off early tomorrow. Still waiting for Harris’ address and reco’s from the CO crew. (umhmmm) In other news, my last birthday present came yesterday. Yes, my birthday is February 10th. That’s what happens when you order the complete box set of The West Wing […]