Blogging is an interesting deal. Sometimes I’m inspired and have lots too say, but in the last few days my energy has been too low. M, work, riding, and assorted errands get priority over this. I do end up feeling bad about neglect; I write here for myself foremost, and secondly to give back to all of you. It enhances my day to read Dave’s, Chris’, Jill’s, and Eric’s musings, be they bike related or something else entierly. However, we’re all interesting because we have robust lives outside the net, and time has to be devoted to living. Like this weekend.

Right now my focus is keeping my ducks in a row so I can fully enjoy riding. I’m getting old, and that combined with a more delicate constitution brought on by exercise (not eating right really gets me down these days) means that things like driving M down to the airport last night and getting back at 10 really mess me up. So, I’ll go ride easy a bit in Sedona after work, and then sleep. Lots.

So, I work for balance. M made in to Atlanta fine, and I’ll get her call later today when she gets her new car. I imagine that the disturbance in my sleep is due in large part to unspecified concern over her well being. Breaking down in a 30 year old car in the middle of Oklahoma, even with the AAA she purchased, is cause for worry. Actual bad things are unlikely to occur, but I still worry. Another part of getting old, also know as becoming an adult. Not so articulate on this one, ergo the dreams.

Work is also doing so. There’s the usual stuff that come with my line of work, more than enough to occupy the unconscious on a good day. In addition, the simple fact that I worry about my students. Soon a few of them are headed out into the wide, dangerous world, and I want them to do well. Our criminal justice system is such an intractible problem: no matter what we do for children, sending them alone into the wilderness (where they cultivated bad habits and criminality) ensures that some will fail. Simple math. I have to want to save them enough to care, but not care too much. In the last months I’ve definitely taken my game to a higher level, and am now redefining the balance. And it’s hard.

On a lighter note, the above is a page from the Rivendell Reader. I’ve wanted a Pugsley since I learned of their existence, and seriously thought about building one last fall. The Karate Monkey ended up being a more versatile choice, but the siren song of snow and sand riding still sounds.

One could do some very cool “wash tours” around the southwest, riding dry washes point-to-point. They’re natural highways, and a non-impactful way of riding off-trail.

I also like the huge tires and drop bars look, I’ll certainly put drops on mine, eventually.