Afternoon events

I recieved this today:hellride finalists,we’ve selected two. let it be known that this was a very tough decision for us to make. across the board, you are a soulful, fit, feisty, entertaining as all get-out, charming group of motherlovers. it was a privilege to get so many well thought out and often hilarious entries to […]

Images from Graduation

My sister, mom, and stepdad. Sis, High Honors in Biology, and a poster from her research into worm mutations. Please note the yellow happy and sad worms. And my stepniece Katlyn (pronounced Cate-linn, don’t go there) in a rare moment of not being a miscreant. Overall, Oberlin’s graduation impressed me. They made a more concerted […]


…and digging, out from a huge pile of grading and paperwork. M helped out huge grading a massive pile of Africa tests last night, so a very public thanks is in order. We also skipped out in the afternoon and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, which was a worthwhile diversion. (Unlike the […]

So I went to the ER…

..and all I got was this shitty hat. Unlike certain hats for which this great territory was known a century ago, this one comes in metric. I know I wait. For the lab. For this evenings plane ride to Cleveland via Vegas (little sis is graduating from Oberlin). For the fun to begin. M and […]


I am convinced now that the desert has no heart, that it presents a riddle which has no answer, and that the riddle itself is an illusion created by some limitation or exaggeration of the displaced human consciousness. -EA I did not know what I was inviting, and now I’m paying the price. I slept […]