So, the fat bonus, about which many rumors have been circulating recently, appeared silently in my box (and account) today. I feel like a big kid. I don’t feel comfortable throwing numbers around, but it is a very sizable percentage of my salary. It’s a bit hard to swallow just how much of it went […]


This is the first image that came up, googling the above.M and I joined the Y yesterday evening, so this morning I thought it wise to start the habit and wake up a bit before five and head over to do some working out. Arg indeed. Not so much from waking up early, these days […]


Check out the (or many) bikes of the GDR here. Some very interesting setups, though you can pick those who DNF’d by the excess. I also firmed up the dates for the monstercross races, and decided to run the Prescott version as a scavenger hunt/scramble type event. In the interest of keeping it legit, it […]

Who’s the man?

Justice Breyer (L). The last independent man, it would seem. Words. “Law is not an exercise in mathematical logic.” “It [Brown] sought one law, one Nation, one people, not simply as a matter of legal principle but it terms of how we actually live.” Bonus, Justice Stevens in dissent, Morse v. Frederick (the “Bong hits […]

For the future

Cleaning up after the KMC. Things started well, miles disappearing and the rhythm coming on quickly. I was enjoying the ability, with gears, to push the subtle downs. After eight miles you get a massive gravel descent, the first mile very steep. On the tricky curve, I noticed one fat groove off to the side, […]