Headed out this afternoon, 11 days, returning…..? Blogging tbd. When I return, I hope for riding plans in October to be firmed up definitively. Cheers. P.S. (for Marni, and others, and me): In the inner-city schools these classrooms are not simply the front lines of education: They’re the front lines of democracy. No matter what […]

Retro: Zion and points south

Off we went, to the mothership of Zion canyon. We went there the day after we got married in Vegas, did our reception there 10 months later, and visit whenever we can. Above, self portrait on Elephant Butte. Below, Bryce Canyon in deep freeze. It might have been above freezing the morning we woke up […]

The end of the world, apparently: Ms. West writes with great flair. She has a columnist’s talent for seizing on arresting facts and locating the sort of outrageous incident guaranteed to make the blood boil. She has a sense of humor. What she doesn’t have is a sense of proportion. Nor does she have the […]

I’m back!

99% sure the Lev is dialed in, and damn is it a mean mofo. Rides better than it looks, and that’s saying a lot. Hill intervals were in the cards, but my wrist felt good, so I hit 305, which is an interval workout, anyway. Legs feel good. Tahoe will be very fun indeed.