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Headed out this afternoon, 11 days, returning…..? Blogging tbd. When I return, I hope for riding plans in October to be firmed up definitively. Cheers. P.S. (for Marni, and others, and me): In the inner-city schools these classrooms are not … Continue reading

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Of note

Unnamed side canyon entering the muddy Colorado in the Grand Canyon.

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Insert self

Tomorrow afternoon cannot come soon enough. Anticipation is a difficult thing to master.

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Retro: Zion and points south

Off we went, to the mothership of Zion canyon. We went there the day after we got married in Vegas, did our reception there 10 months later, and visit whenever we can. Above, self portrait on Elephant Butte. Below, Bryce … Continue reading

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The end of the world, apparently: Ms. West writes with great flair. She has a columnist’s talent for seizing on arresting facts and locating the sort of outrageous incident guaranteed to make the blood boil. She has a sense of … Continue reading

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I’m back!

99% sure the Lev is dialed in, and damn is it a mean mofo. Rides better than it looks, and that’s saying a lot. Hill intervals were in the cards, but my wrist felt good, so I hit 305, which … Continue reading

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Very interesting series of stuff for many western states.

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Busy weekends

Very evocative. Next two in California, the next in Moab, and perhaps the next in New Mexico. Have to see what the fitness is doing by then, but I’ve never been to that part of the state, and Matt’s races … Continue reading

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Retrospective, continued

Before I get started, I should restate that the rhyme and reason behind our photo taking did not necessarily jive with a linear narrative flow or a convenient highlight reel. So be it. I have no idea what I’m doing … Continue reading

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More thinkering

The 508. Huge road ride through the Mojave desert and Death Valley. Massive entry fee, logisitics, waiting list, etc. Why? You never have more than 120 miles between towns, so why not do it self-supported? ‘Course, that opens it to … Continue reading

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