Live from the tPod

Rode Supermoto in Flag yesterday evening, raced darkness back to the truck, and managed a coffee-filled dash to and beyond Durango before crashing in the woods. Woke, made coffee and played in the aspen leaves, and drove over a fog filled and sublime Wolf Creek pass and made it to Salida by 1000 (AZ time). […]

Good morning

Always a prescient omen, a sunrise. It was like that for about 90 seconds. Update, tentative schedule (subject to modifications due to weather, whimsy, or caprice): F: drive as far as possible, with a short stop in Flag to stretch the legs on a short ride.S: drive to Salida, ride and hang out, weather permitting.S: […]

It’s Ed time, baby!

Timing is everything. In this case, a morning of hyper-productivity and a third consecutive day of flawless weather comes to a close in an afternoon of longing, to be off work!! And then Ed busts out with a stellar reminder of the wonders to come. As Adam likes to remind us, fall and spring are […]