(this seems like a good counterpoint to the previous) It is official, or at least we had a conversation about it last night. M is riding TransIowa next year, goal being the first female finisher. Now I get to go wake her up, so she can get her front wheel built today. Advertisements

Double Standards

Surly actually has an interesting post up, of note because the artfully marketed slackers have been suffering from their typical post-interbike lull more thoroughly than usual. Their post concerns the 2008 Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bikes Calender, of which I’d never heard. This is a familiar rant, and thus I’m resisting the temptation to go […]


I like Coyotes. I like seeing them run effortlessly, I like that they’ve better than doubled their range in the last 500 years, and I love their call, which I do not hear nearly enough. It makes me very sad that they’re so reviled in the west. So I sent in my entry to this, […]

Blogger Sucks!

Error messages plus a busy week mean I have no patience. On to other things…. Approx. 5 minutes ago Student: Can you look something up for me? Me: What would that be? Student: Gothic tinkerbell. Me: No. The past two evenings have been spent out on trail runs, placing books out on the PMC course. […]


Loads of stuff to do at work, good to be back nonetheless. After 17 months I fit, which is empowering. More grading to do now. The route, checks, and campground/start-finish for the PMC are finalized. Unable and unwilling to make Topofusion do my bidding to my satisfaction, I spent 90 minutes tracing trails on 5 […]

No Elk

Alas, the Chenault clan was out-smarted. Two legs bad. We saw tons of sign on Saturday, two separate groups Sunday, the same big group Monday, and nothing the last two days. Rising temps (I think) caused the critters to flee for higher ground out of our zone. Best shot was an up-the-ass at 150 yards […]