Another evening

Go to work, lecture on the UN’s new HDI numbers (human development index), get home, run errands, roust myself out on the trails, realize M ran the iPod out last night, do (running) hill intervals anyway (30 sec. ones; ouch), drive home and what do I find waiting for me?………….. Shrimp stir fry a la […]


For obvious things. Ribeye, sauteed in garlic, soy, sriracha.Green beans and bell pepper, ditto.Greens.Cabbage.Carrots.Tomato.Avocado (1 whole).Juice of one lemon, dash of olive oil, salt. I need to do that more often. Combine with an easy hour plus spontaneous recovery/exploration ride, and a healthily resolved argument with M, and you have a wholesome evening. And a […]

Uh, barf.

Mike Curiak’s list of food, eaten over 15 days and 1100 miles of the Iditasport. Impressive, in an unconventional way. 240 Clif Bars (do the math–that’s an average of 16 bars per day…)30 lbs of cookies (mostly fudge stripe, plus some chocolate covered grahams)16 lbs of black licorice10 tall cans of Pringles10 lbs of red […]

Interview of interest with Andrew Sullivan, author of the essay on Obama from yesterday. Usually such interviews are acts of solipsisizism and excess, but this is an exception. Also, note yet another race in the sidebar.

Granite Mountain Circumnavigation

On foot. And damn am I tired. Complaints almost identical to last time, though a different, smarter, and slightly shorter route put me in under the four hour barrier, 3:53 to be exact. Scott’s monster sez 2.2k and 18 miles, both likely quite a bit short due to my hand-drawn track. I’d say closer to […]

Badass morning reading

Lots of talk about epic journeys in this small corner of the internet, on this page and others. This one puts ’em in better perspective. To be quite honest, this type of trip is still intimidating as hell. Serious commitment, serious respect due. Moving along… 1957: The modern American female is one of the most […]