Retrospective 2007: 3, The End

And of necessity, the beginning. I intend to stay away from the computer, possibly entirely, for the rest of the year, certainly while I’m off with family. It will be a moment to step away form the tyranny of the machine, and then come back with fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm. So, this will be […]

Retrospective 2007: 2

Wherein I list all weekends up this date, and what I did on them.Numbers = Sundays. January7 Gorgeous XC skiing in Flag, planned KMC14 First ever Granite Mountain circumnavigation (bike)21 Aborted winter WRIAD with Plesko, Nice, Harris, pre-ran Red Hot course28 Icy XC skiing in Flag, Quadruple Bypass February4 Clean 305 for first time, Granite […]

Retrospective 2007: 1

M and I are off at the end of the week for a whirlwind of flying and family, so this is it; the week for retrospective blogging has arrived. This evening I’m going to write some words about those accessories that occasionally take over our lives, at rarer times save them, preoccupy our minds and […]

Sedona SFL

The small frickin loop. The trail gods did not give us an easy time of it yesterday. I have pics but the net isn’t playing nice, so here’s one of Bear’s.The litany of errors and mishaps:-Everyone was late, in various ways.-I couldn’t recall the precise location of the trailhead by the recycling plant, or the […]


At the beginning of this evening, it seems that the fates were once again conspiring against me. I forgot my Y pass halfway to the trailhead, got stuck in the slow train moving past an accident, and was generally lamenting the lack of time in the world today. A trail I wanted to run was […]

Secondary Emotion

A secondary emotion is an emotion caused by, and often used to mask, another emotion: the primary. Classic secondaries are the “ads”; mad, sad, glad. It’s an idea I’ve come to believe in fiercely, and one I use at work everyday. It’s a fantastic investigatory tool for unpacking complex affect. This afternoon I got to […]

For Eric

Huckabee himself speaks about a Nascar strategy, with his opponents crashing into walls or one another and him, as the last man on wheels, winning the race. –NYTimes The next sentence being: And then gets slaughtered in the general election.