Colonoscopy tomorrow. For those who don’t know, this will involve a lucky individual (emhmmm..) putting a very small camera up into my colon and making sure nothing funny is going on. My task yesterday, today, and tomorrow is to ensure an unobstructed view, ergo the following: Food Eaten Today (1/30) Breakfast~20 oz coffee~1.5 cups lime […]

The future, again

Gotta get reading! Gotta get working! Gotta get running!! Grand Canyon this weekend! (jinx?!) M’s beating me in the post count for this month, but I’m confident my 400+ post lead, built up with over a year of strife and dedication, will see me through to the finish line. Life’s back to busy; workworkworkwork. Car […]

Change and Doubt

Yesterday morning Chad and I were lounging around his house, after the Boi Genius hisself cooked up his usual fab, enormous breakfast. My legs were sore. Not fried by any means, but hurting. That, general mailasie and the weather combined to make going running as per the plan. Got me thinking about dropping running from […]


In the bag. An excellent adventure in every respect. Below one can see the upper end of the loop, with the out and back summit trip. I got 6500′ of climbing from the coffee shop to the parking lot. Us singlespeeders with less than 2:1 gearing got dropped on the pavement right away, so I […]

Monstercross for Marshal

First (and relevantly), check out mc’s excellent anachronism of the day: The manner of taking hills was extremely interesting. Nearly all stood on the pedals and swayed the body first to the right and then to the left.I had a splendid view, as our car was the first behind the “peloton,” or main body, and […]


As in the truck, is back! The temp gauge even works again!! I went to yoga for the first time in two weeks, and lordy did I need it. Laying on my sticky new hot pink Wal-mart mat I fell deep into the yoga zone; glued to the floor with the earth curving around my […]