Changed the title to be more appropriate. I have been accepted to the University of Montana, for real. The acceptance card will be in the mail this evening. What a huge damn relief. I even fixed up the SS, cut the steerer, and replaced the roasted rear tire. Accomplishments! In short, and to keep adding […]


The revolt of the slave in morals begins in the very principle of ressentiment becoming creative and giving birth to values—a ressentiment experienced by creatures who, deprived as they are of the proper outlet of action are forced to find their compensation in an imaginary revenge. …its action is fundamentally a reaction. -Nietzsche; On the […]


Team Arizona leaves in a few; clothes are packed, bike is ready and ready again, beer will be bought soon (on the way to the dentist): only thing left is to eat. There’s multi-grain french toast under those mangos, strawberries, and coconut, somewhere. Good luck this weekend.


All that can be said: IT’S ON! Got out for a bit over two hours on the reborn monkey this afternoon, and it would seem that no excuses are left to me. The legs are firing on all cylinders. It wasn’t the best ride I’ve ever had on 305, but it was stronger than most, […]


I’m missing a substantial chunk of the middle of the race, but some healthy integral pieces remain. The results are encouraging, and show just how great Topofusion is at quantifying human performance. This is the first 17.6 miles of the race, minus the first ~1.5 miles (forgot to turn the GPS on). Very encouraging data; […]

Spring Break ’08!

As if Arizona hasn’t been sunny enough. Gotta store up Vit D for a move north. 24 hours of recovery was mandated after the Spring Fling; by 1600 on Monday we were Joshua Tree bound. We found a campsite that evening, and when I slithered out of the truck to pee early that morning was […]