One last one

Before I head out. Thumb Butte loop. Singletrack and road, Whiskey descent, with a bonus at the end. 2k of climbing in 90 minutes. Yeha! Edit: Something to look forward too later this year! Or not. Just six days left. Advertisements

Trip Schedule*

F: Drive north. Maybe a bit of a spin in Flag.S: Little Creek, JEM-Rim loop.S: Goose? Guac?M: Thunder Mtn-Los./Cassidy loopT: Grand View exploration, or head east earlyW: FruitaTh: Fruita or MoabF: MoabS: White Rim!S: head home, stop in Flag perhaps General goals for Fruita are an 18 road session, The Ribbon, and likely some Loma […]

Tminus 2Days (!)

Got out for just a ride this beautiful afternoon. Businesslike on the singlespeed, plenty of fun moments running at rocks, plenty of moments leaning on the TT checking out the scene. Thought I saw some Enel tracks along the wash: Exi/Nevegal combo taking “unique” lines amongst and over certain boulders. Granite Mountain is a cool […]

Tminus 3 Days

And now, I look to the future. An occasional curse on free moments and dull tasks at work. Spring is here! Time to get out! (pics for Ed and his short attention span) M leaves early tomorrow for Trans Iowa. A huge adventure. I’ve been a nag all too often in the past months; always […]


Stan the man is back, with a follow up to last week’s article on “French theory.” Some notes: -His point that Derridean recurisve writing (of which he gives a good summary) is in some ways comparable to (for instance) St. Augustine is very interesting. My Augustine is more than a bit dusty, but the idea […]

B&P cooking: Roast Italian Hen

Slice onions, press garlic, sautee with evoo and a bit of sugar. Soak hens in sea salt brine. Mix onions with ricotta, wine, marinara. Prep glaze: evoo, wine, salt, pepper, oregano, etc. Drain hens. Stuff. Glaze. Bake in the clay roaster for ~100 minutes at ~380. Eat, with Scuffins TM. Chocolate-oatmeal-walnut Scuffins. The Joy of […]

3 thoughts for Saturday

1: AZT 300 drama begins to close. Poor Chad, lucky Chris and Jefe. Hopefully Max has success and lets us live a little bit vicariously. Sounds like Mike’s training in the meat locker did some good, too. Chad, I told you so. You deserve a nice mountain bike as much as or more than anyone […]