Real bike racing

The dirt road wasn’t that bad. The gravel is packed in pretty well. It wasn’t that wet and there were only a few corners where there was a little bit of mud. The hardest part was that you couldn’t stand much out of the saddle because you would lose traction. For me, it was like […]

Weekend plans: Highs and Lows

Time in Arizona is running short, so it’s fallen to me to prioritize the infinite list of future trips, and knock off the most desirable. This weekend I hope to do two, plus bonuses: Bill Williams Mountain singletrack, the old Flag-Grandview stage route, and point in between. The first option is 140-50 miles. ~60 miles […]

Memorial Day

Ride with Eric. Woke up at 0530, as usual. Hung out, ate, did chores, ate, more chores, ate. Took a two hour nap. M went shopping (for food) during (immediately after, actually) my somnolence. Ran into Eric, told him I “had done nothing” thus far (not totally true). Eric called. Off we went. It was […]

I need skis

Not right now, but you know, eventually. Moving up and all. I want something that will be reasonable for nordic skiing, ok at going downhill (even in a resort), and really good at rambling around the woods off-track. A tall order fraught with compromises, but you all know me and my habits, so have at […]

One of those rides

Nothing more to it really, I’ll take my hits from the flat gods in one punch, if at all possible. ~10 minutes into 305, first ride on the rigid singlespeed in quite a while, I come flying down into the wash crossing before the climb up to South Lynx Lake road, the one with a […]