Summer Vacation (1.0)

It was a very nice long weekend, with more to come. I’m tired. Not just muscle tired, though that is most present this evening; I’m tired in my soul. I dug deep, squeezed out a great ride Saturday, and now I’m ready to rest and rebuild. I want to go camping, wake up, drink coffee […]

KMC 2008, and vacation

KMC is done for the year. Results on the race blog. Harris killed it on his Siren singlespeed, Brian and Calvin tied, I busted out my best race effort ever on a bike to round out the finishers, and Chad and Nathan rode bonus AZT and “bailed” back on the road. Andy and Rob put […]

Friday news

The Tour Divide has begun! Follow the drama! Chris will soon be off, too. Check in on him. In general, the TD/GDR should provide some good surprises this year. And that’s all I’m sayin’ for now….. RAAM also rolls along, though most of the riders are through our neck of the woods by now. The […]

Missoula beta

First of all, blogging from work = bored as hell. I wanna leave, now. Second, collecting good stuff for the future hit list. Some of it: Thursday Night Mtn bike group (link). Some very good maps. Missoula Sheepheads (link). A local, with some nice pictures. Local ride site (link). Though I’m not sure how a […]