Almost bye

Today is the moment of truth, when the UHaul arrives and we pack for real. It will all fit. It has to fit. Hope it fits easily. As ever, M has been invaluable in my survival. I hate being suspended between to things. This is also my last classroom blog entry. I’ll miss it, and […]

Because it is there

But what is, it? I hiked Spruce last night, to drink a beer and look. OR makes a mean beer cozy. It was nice. I even “discovered” a new trail. Going down (or up) the north side of the loop, at the 1.5 miles to go (until the top) sign there’s a trail heading south, […]


I can’t help but find this amusing, having been exposed to so many “creative” names over the last two years. Highlights include: TwonniquaBrejoniqueChalaGeorschaRikkiCierra (and the many variations thereof)..and lots at can’t recall right now It’s worth noting that not all of the above were black. A year or so ago we had a rash of […]


I also have a new salad to try, no photos as I already ate: -Mixed Greens-1 avocado, chunked-2-3 fist fulls of fresh cherries, pitted and sliced-gorgonzola cheese crumbles-shredded chicken-pinch of sea salt and pepper-evoo Mix and eat, a Bridgeport IPA works well. It’s purty. I’d also like to say that Bike Snob NYC’s cavalier opinion […]

1 week

Is all the time I have left. It’s difficult; on the one hand lingering into the twilight at work challenges a clean, well placed break, on the other, the many things left at home make leaving now an impossibility. Plus there is the extra cash to be earned, things to be done. In general I […]