The race revisited

The general election is in full swing.  Almost everyone in our small corner of the world has written of it, at least briefly.  My turn again. I do not believe the context or details of the election has changed fundamentally in the last 10 months.  Clinton self-destructed, Giuliani never got out of the blocks, and […]

A beautiful morning

Mt Sentinel in 33 minutes without really trying, hang out on top in a 20 mph wind.  Dark thin cloudbanks, corduroying the Clark Fork Valley from north to south.  Sheep Mountain and Point Six socked in.  Rage the downhill, spin home. The CTCs are really good shoes.  I’m almost forgotten. 8/29 add.: I made Thursday […]


And looking, for something.   I am firmly outside my comfort zone now, in a new biome, but more importantly at the beginning of a new vocation and avocation.   My school week looks like this: practicum (for-credit internship) from 7-2 Tuesdays and Wednesdays, class from 3-7 Tuesdays, 11-2 and 3-6 Thursday, and 8-11 Friday. […]

Lolo-Lolo south-plus traverse

It was a good day to be out in the mountains. Today was a rematch with Lolo Peak, with an additional exploratory along the reputedly semi-technical ridge leading south.   The saddle between the north and south summits provided easy tundra walking, with outstanding scenery. Big Bitterroots to the south. After this, the camera batteries […]

Last weekend

Before the next phase of my life!   Survived orientation in style, and very hopeful for the future.  Sorry GT, the excitement of the last few days got the best of me: slept in til 10, then ate pizza for breakfast and watched Olympics online for a couple hours.  Rough, I know. Some raft stoke […]

Rainy day, and tomorrow(s)

Yep, ‘s been raining outside for a few hours now.  Was gonna go for a nice easy ride in the woods, but it also wasn’t too hard to stay home, drink tea, and do small things. Like work on my project bike. I knew before moving here that I’d want a beater townie of some […]

Meet Bob.Bob is big.Bob has primeval forests.Bob has bears. Though I didn’t see any.Bob has water. For a desert rat, lots of water. Pretty water.Bob has miles and miles and miles of tempting trails. (I am Jill!)I hiked about 30 of those miles today. So, it was supposed to be a three day backpack. Monday […]