Breakfast for lunch

Mine, and M’s. Egg with onion and (farmers market) garlic. Food with thought, as the market goes apeshit.  I’m not enough of an economist to say much on this, but I do think both sides are asking good questions, that for the most part have gone unanswered.  All the hysterics, super-capitalist and fear of socialism […]


E gettin’ after it at Goose.  Moab best watch out.  No way in hell I would ride that roller. Porch of Granite Park Chalet. RMVQ gps analysis forthcoming.  I imported the file into Rubitrack, didnt like it, and need to get it over on the PC to work it over in Topofusion.


I have to confess, I did not watch the debate last night, merely listened to and read commentary this morning, so I have nothing to say.  I did find this article by Roger Cohen, which I think very well encapsulates one of the (and my) main arguments against John McCain (to say nothing of the […]


Re-entry from the weekend has been a bit brutal; killer trip plus unexpectedly deep submersion in the wild plus still getting into the groove at work and school equals ~36 hours of subtly contained freek out.  But I’m over the hump, work done for the week, with some praise throw my way by my supervisor […]

Goodbye to Summer

Add: Ignore the date, but this’ll give you an idea of our route.  Red is what we did, blue what we should have.  Tack was camp on Saturday night.  Maps are useful… It’s solar-ly autumn around here, and the wind yesterday felt like winter.  Yellowstone’s autumn is different than most places. Was the KMC really […]


Chris and I have three days and a bit less than ninety miles in Yellowstone awaiting us.  Between writing papers and reading chapters (and cooking a trout for dinner) it was time to pack. The Cold Cold World Ozone, moded, loaded, and ready to go.  Missing a bit of food, but that’s about the right […]