Add.. the master list. I have a love-hate relationship with Backpackinglight.  It has to be one of, if not the, smartest group of outdoor folks on the internet.  Some very informative information when you find it.  It is also has probably the largest talk:trip ratios of any place I bother to visit; in many ways […]


After making the Sunday rounds of George, Tom, David, Maureen, et al; I’m not going to do what they’re all trying (poorly) to do: Obama will top 300 electoral votes, and have a 10+ % gap on McCain in the popular vote.  He will win at least one state that hasn’t gone Democratic since it […]


After a day spent reading, cleaning, and in the library researching, that is what was needed this afternoon. Autumn is in full riot up in Rattlesnake Creek, though the larches confounded my efforts to capture the scene. I purposively headed out late enough to guarantee finishing in the dark.  The Switchback 3 has only been […]