Left overs

I hate leftovers, bland, gullatinous, icky.  But maybe I’ve been going it all wrong until now. Yam, Spinach and Romano Gnocchi with a Cranberry-Japaleno Chutney Take mashed potato-entities and add a bit of salt, then flour until mixing produces something no longer sticky.  If you have very dry mashers adding an egg might be advisable. […]


Thursday was a good day. We woke up in the back of the truck in a rest area near Bozeman, and needed breakfast.  Where to find food on Thanksgiving morning?  IHOP, of course.  Then it was on to Yellowstone, where we found little snow, but a perfect day.  Clear, bright, blue, shockingly still. The above […]

Happy Thanksgiving

M and I are off the Yellowstone this evening, picnic dinner for skiing tomorrow in tow.  Mashed potatoes, mashed yams, duck, cranberry sauce, cookies, pumpkin seeds, etc.   M stole the duck photos, but tried Youtube rather than Vimeo, and ran out of time before she had to go to work.  So I win: http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2357638&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=c9ff23&fullscreen=1 […]

Giant Sea Bass!

To maintain my newfound title, I present my recipe from yesterday: Inyoface Vegetarian Chili -chop and saute in olive oil 1 whole habenero and 2 mid-size white onions, add as much garlic as you like (lots) -add big can of chopped tomatoes (in water), 1 can pinto beans, 1 can black beans (no draining) -add […]

That time of year

The time to make lists, and then check things off them. What I have left to do this semester: Percent done, obviously.  I’m in a good spot.  Goal is to finish the portfolio project and human behavior presentation by Friday noon, so I can then take off and do some solo ski camping in Yellowstone, […]

Ghost Trails: The Review

Note:  I shamelessly volunteered to read and review Jill’s book primarily because I wanted to read it ASAP, and for free.  I’ve been reading her blog for a couple years, corresponded with her a few times, ridden with Geoff, etc.  Reader beware. Endurance mountain bike racing has a lot to do with the Marlboro Man. […]