Day log

Today was a good day.  Besides nailing down the KMC 200 route, I filed some paperwork so the university will pay me next semester, hit the gym, and wandered around the snowy city. Upwelling Clark Fork and overflow.   It doesn’t look like I’ll be riding outside much if at all in the next weeks, […]


..home, and good to be back in the woods on skis this afternoon.  Training to resume in earnest tomorrow (in the gym 😦 ).   Visiting my parent always reminds me why I no longer live in Ohio.  The weather’s capacity to be consistently shitty this time of year astounds all over again.

The year in fun

It has been a good year. New heights of fun and performance in the first seven months, a move, and the beginning of a new chapter in our life. A strong beginning, too. Lots of good friends and good fun. Even, especially, when the fun was “fun”. Maps show us where we’ve been. Topofusion and […]

B & P holiday special

As part of our continuing public service/education work here at the ranch, we present Cooking for Engineers, one of the most interesting culinary websites I’ve come across. Lots of recipes, and good ones, but by far the best part is the clean and informative layout. The recipe flow-charts are the most logical way I’ve seen […]