Back in the real world

Right now I have a full head. A few days of skiing, a tough canyon, three days of great cycling with friends old and new, a long drive, and in a few hours the first class of the semester. Each a mix of new and challenging and familiar and challenging. It makes for a full […]

Day Three

Rode ~107 miles, with Sonya to push the pace and keep things kosher fighting headwinds at miles 72-90.  It would seem that after six months of general cycling misdirection and a few weeks of short interval work, base fitness and determination can still pull things through.  My butt doesn’t even hurt that much.   Very […]

CL Day 2

As (s)he who blogs first wins.   Charge of the light brigade.  LW has figured how to float on mud.  I, and almost all the rest of us, have not.  A tactic, I think, to get rid of us. Things got better. Much better. In the end Chris, Kurt and I shared the burden and […]

Camp Lynda: Not riding

Such an interesting crew we have over here.  The biking-facebooking has gotten a bit out of hand this year; ‘course I’m typing as everyone eats breakie. Boo. And nice weather. There is good riding, but the rain and fog make it all a bit much like home, only warmer.


Phillip and I went and did The Subway today. There was a bit of snow. It was pretty. Conditions were, on occasion, interesting. Everything was good. The Subway is an easy canyon, one which in the summer tends to entrap boy scouts and extended family groups raping with boat rope. We didn’t see anyone today, […]