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Is still a trial.  Got some good news about my teaching assistantship today, and it snowed overnight. Onward.

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Back in the real world

Right now I have a full head. A few days of skiing, a tough canyon, three days of great cycling with friends old and new, a long drive, and in a few hours the first class of the semester. Each … Continue reading

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Post game

I’ll just say that I’d rather ride for 10.5 hours than drive for 13.5, but we’re home.  Necessary evils.

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Day Three

Rode ~107 miles, with Sonya to push the pace and keep things kosher fighting headwinds at miles 72-90.  It would seem that after six months of general cycling misdirection and a few weeks of short interval work, base fitness and … Continue reading

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CL Day 2

As (s)he who blogs first wins.   Charge of the light brigade.  LW has figured how to float on mud.  I, and almost all the rest of us, have not.  A tactic, I think, to get rid of us. Things … Continue reading

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Camp Lynda: Not riding

Such an interesting crew we have over here.  The biking-facebooking has gotten a bit out of hand this year; ‘course I’m typing as everyone eats breakie. Boo. And nice weather. There is good riding, but the rain and fog make … Continue reading

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Phillip and I went and did The Subway today. There was a bit of snow. It was pretty. Conditions were, on occasion, interesting. Everything was good. The Subway is an easy canyon, one which in the summer tends to entrap … Continue reading

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Have always been my favorite trees, and know I have another reason. Fantastic skiing up on the Markagunt today. Five hours of touring, with a highpoint right below 10,000′ and a continuous 1600′ descent from there, all moderate crust n’ … Continue reading

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From the road

Ready for lap two. Where we spent Saturday night.

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Listening to..

“Paris Walking II”, by Miles.   Worth a post all on it’s own. This afternoon was the first spring skiing of the year.  Used red-silver wax (which didn’t at all work, I need to suck it up and buy some … Continue reading

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