As promised

Some school stuff for perusal. Go here. One of the more interesting and challenging things about Social Work as an academic pursuit is the way in which it mixes analytical and affective/emotional dimensions together.  It’s been particularly hard for me this semester to let go of the normal mind-body bifurcation I bring into a classroom. […]

This afternoon

Was fkn awesome.  Powder, bluebird, new skis. Time to explore. Looks good.Oh yes.Anatomy of a face plant.  A rather hard one, at that.  Ouch.  Had to dig for the Smiths. I’d like to be here. Spent four hours at Lolo doing laps on an “old” haunt before heading off the see what the next hill […]

Guide postscript, and how weeks go by

Got the Guides out for ~2 hours yesterday morning in perhaps the worst snow I’ve ever tried to ski.  Rain fell Tuesday evening, then temps went below freezing a while after dark, and more precip fell overnight.  The result was cement with an extra-crispy crust below 4.7k, and a thicker but less snappy crust with […]

Today’s skiing

Is brought to you by slednecks. Not really.  Spring weather continues, today is another of the clearest days I’ve yet seen hear.  Colorado spring weather, in fact.  Best get amongst it. Gear shout out to the BD Bullet pack, circa 2003.  Back when Tom Jones was their head pack engineer, before he quit and the […]