Yep, it’s snowing at Fred and Susan’s house right now. !! I’ll be playing in the Aspens tomorrow. We eventually shoke free from the morning lassitude and rode Porcupine Rim (from the house) with Kurt, Dan, and Stefan. Windy, and very fun. It’s been a while since I went for a ride and got so […]

Riding Rims

Another day, another DNF, and strangely I could not care less. I didn’t expect good fitness today, and didn’t have it, so I took my time and enjoyed the day, stopping whenever I felt like it. Most folks seemed frisky, so I was way off the back way quick. The overlook on Seven Mile Rim […]


2. Big stuff is done, now it’s 32 hours of t and i’s.  Shopping, showing up, changing the oil. Here’s the revised schedule: Th  Bust out by 1600, drive until tired F  Wake up, drive to Moab.  Ride with Fred and whomever else, socialize, go to bed early S  Ride and stuff. S  WRIAD M […]