Things are coming along nicely. Policy essay is still done. DSM essay got bit of an edit yesterday. Human Behavior essay is written up until the discussion and conclusion, which will be done last when I’ve gotten all the responses back. PPC essay is not yet started.  This last in slightly problematic, as it’s due […]

Grand Loop

I guess I’d better  do it this year.  Works in the schedule and all. Yo Chad and Max, want to go for a team effort?  Brian, you should come too.  I’ll try to find some dehydrated beer.

Spring Training

Montana style. Yo. This morning held some 30-30 (sec) hill intervals up the paved Lincoln Hills road.  Otherwise known as I want to die intervals.  I also didn’t wear overshoes and had some nice screaming barfies in the shower.   Maybe when I eat some real food I’ll stop twitching. I wonder if skinning the […]

Oh yeah

My study music for the last month has been exclusively two things: The Baltimore Symphony’s recording of Mark O’Connor’s “Americana Symphony,” which is familiar yet brilliantly new. Leonard Bernstein conducting the London Symphony playing Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite,” which is like Metallica but better I also have the study-crazy, involuntary function-S autosave tic down pat.  Every […]

Monday roundup

I work a 12 hour shift at the school (my practicum site) Sunday, so Monday has become my day to hang around in PJs all morning, catching up on the Sunday political shows and doing lots of research.  The extent of online databases has advanced exponentially even since I was in undergrad 5 years ago, […]

Frame pack

Is done. Two compartments, and a very taught zipper due to the sewn-in divider.  Finish work is quite rough, the small angles make it not a simple task towards the end. I think it will work anyway. Tired now.  No more paper writing.

Nashbar front rack

On the rear.  Easily done; a new hole for the flexy bracket needed to be drilled, and my seatpost bottle mount came in handy.  The bottom brackets rotate on bushings, if not totally readily.  As always with racks, structural soundness is a question, but there’s only one way to find out.   I have thoughts […]