KMC plans

On the evening of the 11th I’m flying into SLC from a week tapering and visiting with my mom and sister in New York.  I hope to arrive in camp that evening, but may not make it until the next morning.   Friday I’ll ride a little bit, check some water sources (Kanabownitts Spring?), and […]

Riding bikes is fucking awesome

And the road goes on.. Up a little after 5 for an adventure this morning.  Mission, to ride the Nez Perce trail (aka the McGruder Corridor road) out and back, for either 100 miles, until snow stops me, or until I come to a rad vista and decide enough is enough. Option B took me […]

Nice morning for a ride

Not much more to be said.  I’m almost totally recovered from Sunday, which is a good sign. The view from Sentinel was exceptionally fine today. Spring has sprung, with emphasis.  Snow levels are retreating drastically, the Clark Fork is brown and hungry at 30,000+ cfs, Rattlesnake creek looks packraftable (next year), and the flowers are […]


Bill put together a vicious training loop to do laps on today, and I headed out early to join him.   Now I’m back, showered, feet up, on the couch, snarfing baked goods at a rapid rate.  I’m tired, sore, and very happy. I rode a bit in excess of 50 miles (I’m guessing), did […]

Group ride madness

Twas a gorgeous evening for a Thursday night ride.  I had to drive to the trailhead, which was lame.  A meeting ran late, blahblah.  It was a good group, good trails, a good way to spend the evening. Bill had fun.  Don’t worry Lynda, he took it easy (aside from the intervals that broke his […]


Ouch. I hurt.  I hurt when I reach off the chair to pick up my waterbottle, to say nothing of when I actually get up out of the chair.  I haven’t hurt this much in quite a while.  All year, perhaps?  Nice to be back at it. I love the fickle spring weather here.  Hot […]