Bite me

Bit the bullet and got four new tires this morning. Tougher than the old ones, hopefully they’ll become the second set of tires (on two vehicles) that we’ll actually wear out the old fashion way, as opposed to retiring due to rocks, in the last six years. Off to Yellowstone to hike and backpack for […]


Riding. Eric; it doesn’t get much sicker. Chad, Scott, and Lee; living the dream. On the other hand, I spent today trying (without success) to get our flat tire fixed. Yeah, it went flat back in Arizona. ‘S what I get for putting it off. Our trip to Canada is being put off a bit. […]

Nice ride today

This, I now know, is beargrass. On sunny slopes above 5k there’s a lot of it. It’s very nice and dramatic, but I’m not really sure why it’s called beargrass. I rode up the Stuart Peak trail to the wilderness boundary at 7k, and hiked on a bit from there. I didn’t leave home until […]

Another day

Another ride. Today is an easy day. Spun around to Blue Mountain and back. Nice day. So on and so on. The ride inspired me to write a tribute of sorts to the Leviathan here. Almost made me tear up. Seriously.