Into the sunset

Sunday early we leave to drive back east, visiting family and attending Judith’s wedding (my best friend from HS, now an ass-kicking Yale educated lawyer). Lots to do to get ready. Add.: Best read this. Brings up all kinds of interesting questions about multi-day hiking. Advertisements

July is now my April

The crack runs in cycles. Last year in Arizona things ramped up in February, and started peaking in late March. In Montana, the deal has been set back four months. But it is still alive. July has been good to me. The trip ended up more towards training and less towards recreation and recovery, […]


Bill laid down a very solid race,good job Bill!! I got out and went for a walk on a muggy afternoon. I feel much better, M just made some spectacular pizza, so I’m going backpacking in Glacier tomorrow. Bye.

Sports action!

Lots of it on tap this weekend: 1) I confess, I watched the live updates of the last 40 minutes of today’s tour stage. Pretty good stuff. 2) Bill’s holding steady at 24 Hour Worlds (live updates here). The real race starts at midnight. It should be said, I find the commentary on the linked […]

Some words from the hole

I’m still deep down in the ditch after all this week. Little energy or interest in doing much, big appetite, and what started over the weekend as a runny nose morphed into a sore throat and a nasty hacking cough that’s been keeping me up the past few nights. It’s been a long time, if […]

A Joke

From Bob on this evening’s Thursday Night Ride (which involved a lot of Cold Smoke consumption): Q: How are a vacuum and a snowboard alike? A: They both suck. Q: And then, how are they different? A: The means by which the dirtbag is attached. Of course.