At last

An impending visit by Mr. Curiak gave me the kick in the pants necessary to finish up that last 10% of work on my seatbag. This was quite a challenging project, Eric and Jeff absolutely earn their money (on design alone, really) on these things. Mine has a few idiosyncratic features, a few from errors […]

Food Throwdown #1

Dave’s Hot Potato Salad Boil some whole baby white potatoes w/ plenty of sea salt. Saute some onions, garlic, and peppers (anything not at all to somewhat spicy) in olive oil. Walnuts too, if you like. Drain potatoes once they’re done to your liking. Place in bowl. Add spinach to veggies, saute until done, adding […]

Le Parcour de Wild

This is both a blog post and an open letter to my fellows in this adventure, as I work out my enormous excitement and figure out my approaches to this undertaking. Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was perusing Backpackinglight during a quiet moment at work and came across Le Parcour de Wild. Brilliant. I […]

Pictures and Anecdotes

Orientation for the incoming MSW class began yesterday, and I’ve done a bit to help out. Busy, not as much with actual items on the calender, but with making the shift of mind. Late this morning I was on the road out by the railroad tracks doing sprint intervals, prep for the MDH in a […]