Just in time to be tested for use in Le Parcour, the Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar.It’s sitting out in the rain right now.A totally clever design, loads of room for two and gear, four could be crammed in if a center pole wasn’t used. Speaking of which, there’s a nice big section of Dyneema Gridstop […]


The nose stays on the grindstone Tuesdays. Six hours of TA work, three in practicum training, two point five hiking, 45 minutes wrenching on a bike, 30 minutes training in the basement (core, balance, pull ups, like always these past two months). And all the rest.Where do they all go?

Switchback attack!!

Bill gettin’ shit done today on Sheep Mountain. Bill, Ed and I (and later Rich, how we happened across near the summit) had a perfect day: uber-bluebird, immaculate singletrack, one crash (Ed knocked some ribs on an ill placed rock), and one flat (me, pinched it, tubes SUCK), and beer and pizza to end it […]

Saturday in September

The weather persists, for the moment, in being excruciatingly clear. Today was either the ultimate or penultimate farmer’s market of 2009; the first hard frost in town in due within the week.I did lots of quality reading and writing, before getting out for a walk this afternoon.I’ve also been thinking about shoes a bit lately; […]