Twitter is funny shit

Picture and antics courtesy of Bill, and Bill’s iPhone. So after a totally bitchin’ night ride in the quickly falling snow the crew headed for the Old Post in search of beers and burritos. Bill tweeted the same en route. When we arrived, Josh (at left with the fancy glass, hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps) […]


Before it is too late. Patagonia’s having a crazy (60%+ off) sale on base layers, most importantly on their very nice and normally very pricey Wool 2. I’ve had Wool 2 t-shirt since spring. A bit on the fragile side (don’t go climbing off widths in it), but super soft, amazingly warm for it’s heft, […]

Tis the season

It’s been distinctly autumnal ever since I got back from the Bob, but we’ve had cold rain in town numerous times this week, and snow overnight the day before last. All of which means that ski season is on the way. Hopefully a little sooner than last year. In fact, last weekend two duos from […]

I got impatient

Yanow, that never happens… I’ve been thinking about the year in review video for quite some time now, and after finishing all important projects for the day last night (school), I manufactured an excuse to make it early. A 10 month (and change) review of the magic blue camera. A lot of that magic, now […]

Out, out

I’m back on my feet, in a manner of speaking. Among many other things, I perfomed shoe surgery yesterday, cutting out the offensive seam overlap that ground up my feet in the Bob last week. I put duct tape over them, a bit of glue, stuffed the toes with newspaper, and let stand overnight. M […]