Is measured by the milliliter.This is good shit, for many reasons:-It tastes really, really good.-It’s 7.5% alkeeehall.-There are 7 hundred and 50 little liters of goodness in that bottle.-It foams prodigiously, and in a delayed fashion, making it easy and fun to repeatedly overfill your pilsner glass.-It tastes really, really good. I’m also eating some […]

Quotation for the day

“What a strange thing that which men call pleasure seems to be, and how astonishing the relation it has with what is thought to be its opposite, namely pain! A man cannot have both at the same time. Yet if he pursues and catches the one, be is almost always bound to catch the other […]

Yellowstone Thanksgiving, Day 1

Today was a gorgeous, bluebird day. Calm, mid and upper 20s, snow, trees, critters. Very thankful. Nothing more to be said.Those are wolf tracks.Last week I re-modified our classic, 9 year old Black Diamond Zippo pack. The work I did a few year ago just wasn’t getting the job done. Roman’s pack looked pretty neat, […]

Happy birthday

The most consequential book in the history of natural science turns 150 today.Insofar as birthdays are public events. Darwin returned to England in 1836, and sat on his book for quite some time, in no small part because he didn’t want to piss people off. He did anyway, perhaps moreso in the last few decades […]


Planning is crucial. Here’s ours: -Presuming a key meeting this evening isn’t a disaster, we’ve off to Yellowstone tomorrow thru Friday. -We’re staying in the Absaroka Lodge in Gardiner rather than camping, to facilitate our goals of: relaxing, exploring the park via snowshoes and skis (hopefully we can find better skiing than last year), and […]