After doing some dishes, cleaning leftovers out of the fridge, a load of laundry, downloading audiobooks onto my iPod, and running over the contents of my bag in my head, I’m still nervous. So I forgot to change the oil in the truck (doh), and have been cruising the net while drinking lots of tea. […]


A little over a year ago I bought a light quilt (in backpack speak: a top bag without a hood) on sale from Backpackinglight. At 11 oz it was certainly light, but it wasn’t warm below 50 degrees without a jacket of some kind. Besides that we have 20 and 5 degree Western Mountaineering down […]

It’s all about the up, yes?

Last adventure of 2009 today (other than flying from Missoula to Cincinnati through SLC on the 31st), and damn was it a good one. Some good turns were had (and some shitty ones, both with respect to wind crust and technique), some beautiful terrain was seen (or not), but above all else the experience of […]

Ski report

On this Monday, the snow conditions in Western Montana are not so good. The Crystal Theatre at Lolo had 2-4″ of fresh surface hoar over punchy, grabby styro. Schoolroom conditions for someone of my modest abilities. Conditions were good for foto-ing.I hoped to hit the bunny slope for some mellow turns through the thin trees […]

The End

End of the year, end of the decade. The temporary end of my creativity? My cup has been too full to spend much time here. The end of a very stressful semester happened two days before my parents and sister arrived for a week. One day to go skiing and try to feel human again, […]