Riding is awesome

I almost said that bikes are awesome, and they are. But I spent some time looking for cheap parts this morning, as reshuffling parts for Transiowa bikes has once again left other bikes bereft of parts and unridable, an ultimately perpetual state, methinks. The pursuit reminded me that, as fun as building bikes is, riding […]

January in Yellowstone

Almost didn’t happen. I had business at the legislature in Helena yesterday, and was not feeling energized after a day listening to a committee hearing. But I had to keep the streak alive, so off I went. It was good to camp out, I slept like a rock, and while I didn’t have the energy/will […]


We’re in the new place, which is very nice. Plenty of boxes yet to unbox, but it feels like home. M has working overtime to make up for lazy me. I’ve been lucky to be awake past 2000 all week. The house was built in 1951, and has a bitchin’ vintage kitchen.Upheaval breeds restlessness, and […]

Bed news good news

The good news is that I’m returning to normal a bit faster than I thought I would. I slept from 730-530 last night, the bad stomach I had the last few days in Egypt has mostly gone away, and I have a decent amount of energy back. The bad news is that we’re moving. At […]

"Welcome to Egypt!"

That was the motto of our driver today, on the grand Pyramid tour: Giza, Memphis, and two others whose names escape me. Stuck in traffic: “Welcome to Egypt!” Advice on sneaking my camera into a pyramid: “Welcome to Egypt!” Chatting up the secret police hanging along the side of the road: “Welcome to Egypt!” And […]