My Facebook account, that is. You heard it here first: social networking is dead. In other news, as of immediately post this afternoons bike ride, I’m sporting the always controversial shaved head and full beard combo.This might be as long as the beard has been. Growth since the first week or December or so. With […]


By yesterday afternoon I was twitchy. It was bluebird for the second day in a row, and I hadn’t been camping since November. Off we go.It was a gorgeous day in the Bitterroot.Upup up. Coverage below 5000′ is pretty bleak on all aspects. Good things skins work on dirt and pine needles. In 2.5 hours […]

Vimeo is awesome

I found this by wandering from the likes of one person whose work I like to another, and another. A surprisingly focused and efficient tool. Phenomenal, I think. My beard is at about all-time length right now, and I go back and forth with cutting it daily. It’s finally acting like winter again here, […]


Lately (and right now three days is a very long time), I’ve been doing one of four things: -School, which is self-explanatory. “The post-modern topology of the minds of people at the grassroots liberates them from those “certainties,” seen as a horizon of intelligibility that is unsustainable and unbearable; one that they do not share.” […]