Gnar and cynicism

First, the multi-sport revolution continues: Hope them suits have integrated socks! Brrrrrr. Next, I’m trying to get a handle on this May backpack thing. Who wants to go hiking?! Last, avalanche conditions continue to be problematic in Western Montana. Missoula Avalanche sent out a report today, telling the story of a snowmobiler who died […]

Means and ends

I’ve been thinking about the Yellowstone project (my visiting the park a least once a month all year, starting last June/July) a lot, in the wake of my failure to go on my ski/snowshoe across the Bob this past weekend. All day Friday, even after the food was bought and pack was packed, I was […]

Gear and trips

Enough political and cultural criticism (for the moment), and back to the regular programing. The race pack has been working very well; the design is sound. Key to function was figuring out how to tame the dromedary. A bit of cord runs through webbing tabs near the bottom of the pack and around the cap, […]