Not much..

..going on besides school.  A few little jaunts to stretch the legs, and lots and lots of time typing. Our flower beds do have some nice perennials rearing up. And we’ve been grilling.  Tis the season. Not much else to say.

Results are up!

I was 12 minutes off the podium in 4th!  Drat!  How many ways could I have trimmed those minutes?!  There’s always something… Some photos are also available.  Here is a selection with a focus on how awesome I am. To get the on-river photos they had someon up on the highway 200 bridge with a […]

Grizzlyman Adventure Race report

Executive summary:It was a gorgeous day to be out running around in the woods. I pushed hard, am sore as hell today, saw some neat country, paddled some fun riffles, and hung around after and drank beer with some awesome folks. I also made some silly mistakes and had some poor physical preparation, both of […]

You should be reading this if

The following has you rocking out in your chair and plotting adventures by minute 3. Thanks Roman.  That is why skis exist. Currently digesting my uber-pre race burrito: two eggs, avocado, potatoes, jalapenos.  Done studying the map, skinny tires on the bike, canoe at the checkpoint, etc, etc.  Course looks good, could be fairly […]

Photo Voice

Photo voice is a tool for community organizing and empowerment.  Given the extent to which technology has saturated some of the world’s most oppressed populations faster than literacy, PV is a very timely thing.  The projects linked at the mothership site are quite moving. The following are my PV ruminations, sitting on the cusp of […]

More canoe-in’

What do you (I) do after you get re-psyched on a vehicle for adventure? Research it on the internet of course! Canoeing looks different than it did back in the day. At least w/r/t whitewater boats. Kevin’s JMT pictures are up. Postgame on BPL.