One weekend

This weekend was one like many I used to have. I finished “work” on Friday, relaxed, hung out with friends, went to sleep, and woke up planning adventures. It was still raining most of Saturday, and I want to get back into cycling shape for the Butte 100, so I grabbed the singlespeed and rode […]

All pack, v3

Big trips provide newer, more vivid data points that lead to gear redesign. Which is why this last weekend I tore apart my pack (picking bar tacks apart with a seam ripper is something I’m getting far too good at) and rebuilt it. On the menu were: -1.5″ more length in the shoulder straps (not […]

Some thoughts on pro cycling

By which I mean, of course, professional road cycling. Like it or not where the “best” cyclists end up. Cycling is one of my sports, and of the athletic activities at which I’ve become skilled and experienced enough to really be invested, cycling is far and away the most exciting. Watching competition climbing, for instance, […]

Thorofare video report

This was one of the coolest trips I’ve ever done. Still trying to wrap my head around all that I saw and felt. Insofar as this was meant to be an effective coda for both the Yellowstone project and for graduate school, I can say that the mission has been accomplished. Now, as Eric so […]

Spring is the time to go big

When I got home and started unpacking this evening, one of the first things I did was take off my trail shoes and socks, and put on my 8-year old Chacos.  They barely fit.  That can mean only one thing: sausage feet! And I earned ’em.  Tuesday at 5pm I left M at Turpin Meadows […]


At least I think I am. Still a bit behind the curve after the very full last week. Actual graduation photos are not yet in my possession. My sister Kate and I did go hiking this afternoon before I had to put her on a plane back to Rochester, NY and med school. The weather […]