Ready, and more Soda Butte attack analysis

I’ve been ambivalent at best this week about the Butte 100.  I’ve had little energy in general, been sleeping much more than usual, and it’s been too damn hot in town.  Plus, as Jill noted, I’m already looking towards the next adventures, in which bikes do not feature prominantly if at all.  This morning I […]

Soda Butte grizzly mauling and fatality

As some of you may already know, early in the morning of Wednesday a female Grizzly ripped into three separate tents in Soda Butte campground, 6 miles west of the NE entrance to Yellowstone.  Two people were bitten, and one man was fatally mauled.  While details have, naturally, been slow in coming, the intial opinion […]


It was a nice night to be in the mountains.  The light was good.  A note on B&P protocol: comments will henceforth be moderated.  Lame, I know, and I apologize, but the Japanese bots got to me.

Essay Wednesday

The case for media literacy in college alcohol treatment and harm reduction programs Media literacy has increasingly become a highly regarded tool for college programs which seek to comprehensively treat alcohol problems. The approaches are many and varied, but hinge on fostering a critical awareness of how pervasively the media influences contemporary college life, and […]

Five years of singlespeeding

It’s been about five years since I bought my first singlespeed mountain bike, and with the exception of a week or two have not been without one since.  They’re fun, and it’s worth discussing the circular nature of that journey. First, I should talk about riding this past weekend.  I snuck in a short (2.5 […]