The future

I got a job. In a few weeks I’ll be starting, up in Kalispell, working as a youth case manager for a private non-profit.  The money is pretty bad, and the organization and work perfect.  I’m anxious to get started, as I’ve been out of the field for too long.  I’m also anxious to normalize […]

End of the season

I’m ready to call my fly fishing season just about over.  Pictured above is one of my favorite fishing holes.  I went fishing this afternoon, because I’ve enjoyed having lots of fish to eat, and fishing is a good thing to do on a beautiful afternoon when your legs are still cooked.  I went for […]

2010 M.E.S.S.S.*

Yesterday I did 100 miles of human powered travel: 55ish riding a road bike on pavement, 20ish riding the same road bike on dirt, and 25 hiking on a trail. It was a three pronged full body beatdown. The crew drinking beer and grilling at the Blodgett campground.  Note Bill fetal on the dirt in […]

Autumn is here

I can’t claim I planned it this way: I had a job interview in Kalispell on Thursday, and with little official stuff left to do around the home, figured it logical to make the gas money count for more. I decided to bring the raft, fishing gear, and test the new pack on an overnight […]


I gave up on indexing.  The problem described in the comments a few posts ago went away, then came back again.  Not worth the effort to sort out.  Normally I’d ride the singlespeed in such situations but the single limits road speeds to the TH and fishing spots, and the singlespeed is out of commision […]