Minimal footwear and the reshaping of feet

Since last spring I’ve been transitioning into less structured and supportive sorts of shoes, first for hiking and secondly, for everything else.  It’s been a hugely beneficial process, but I’ve found that once you make the switch, you can’t go back. This year especially, I’ve noticed that my feet have been shortening, my arch growing […]

The best brewery in America

Is Bell’s, of Michigan. This is not just a case of the grass being greener, as we don’t get Bell’s out west (yet).  Everytime I’ve been in the midwest this year I’ve sought it out, and every one of Bell’s beers has been excellent.   They’re mature, balanced beverages, rather than the more-is-better crackpot microbrews that […]

Early Winter

Harrison Lake. In the previous two years autumn has lasted almost until the solstice, with snow and single digit (F) temps waiting until mid-December.  This year, everything seems to be a month ahead.  I approve. It is a few weeks process getting acclimated to winter.  The psychological and physiological aspects of cold adaptation cannot be […]