My mom, who got me into this whole outdoor adventure thing in the first place, worries about me.  So, my holiday gifts this month consisted of a MEC Reflex down parka and Patagonia Micro Puff pants, the better to stay warm and safe out in the cold, and the better to extend our Western Mountaineering […]

Arts of learning

Fat ski skintrack on a wooded ridge at 6500′ today. Backcountry skiing is hard. It’s worth letting that simple statement rest by itself, because just as backcountry skiing is about using fancy sticks to go up and down hills, the meanings of hard have infinite variation. When the snow is good, like it has been […]

In praise of the mundane

I started taking blogging seriously this summer.  One conspicuous byproduct of this is that I began gathering/paying attention to statistics associated with my work here: who reads what, how often, when, and so forth.  Some of it isn’t surprising: Monday and Tuesday are by far the biggest traffic days, Saturday and Sunday the least.  Some […]