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Review: Climbing Skins Direct v. BD Ascension

Climbing skins: if you ski the backcountry you gotta have ’em.  As nifty as fishscales are, and as good as kickwax can be under the right conditions, if you’re off in the woods you will find hills steep enough to … Continue reading

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Telebabe. In spite of, or perhaps motivated by, the cold weather we drank deep from the ski-crack today.  Using my skin track from Thursday, we busted a buncha laps in the lower clearcut, then headed back up and enjoyed the … Continue reading

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Teh peezah, and a call to action

Action first: if you’re a winter backcountry skier/recreater, take this survey.  Very well designed by an APU student.  (Roman, tell Nora her advisee did good.) Second: PEEZAAHH! Dinner last night; Biga style.  M is getting really good at pre-baking thin … Continue reading

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It’s now light enough to get in two hours of ski touring, after work! You know the skiing is going to be good when it’s been snowing for a few days, and then it gets cold enough for Micropuff pants … Continue reading

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Teh Sammich

Get yourself a sausage and cook it.  This one is a garlic-beer bratwurst from Pattee Creek Market in Missoula.  Bestest bratwurst around.  I boil it in water with some BBQ sauce and a few Tbsp of bal. vinegar mixed in.  … Continue reading

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First Epic of 2011: A Case Study

A discussion of a ski trip with Bill Martin on Saturday, interspersed with photos from other activities this weekend, with speculative conclusions on the most salient factors that build a safe and fulfilling outdoor adventure. A reliable approach to a … Continue reading

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A few things in winter

M in the snow last weekend. The larger context.  This little zone has a good view (Missions in background, right). 1) Danni is competing in the Susitna 100 this weekend.  Follow her here.  Cheer on Jill and Beat (also foot), … Continue reading

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The question which is, when attached to outdoor gear, the most relevant (and certainly most interesting) of all. Is item X worth it? The first photo ever posted on Bedrock & Paradox: me riding my old Gunnar Rockhound on Mt … Continue reading

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May the cliches flow like wine..

Enabled by the gift, for my 30th birthday last Thursday, of a helmet cam from my sister. I took Friday off and went skiing. M, as her gift to me, went skiing on Saturday. It was good. Warm and pleasent, … Continue reading

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On not getting hurt by an avalanche

(Wherein I throw most caution related to my modest amount of training, knowledge, and experience to the wind.) While there’s no doubt that this knowledge can lead to better decisions, it is disturbing that the victims in this study that … Continue reading

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