It’s been a hard week to be at work, because after the invigoration of the trip last weekend, I don’t want to wait to get back out there. During distracted, more empty moments in my life I find I always have some totem of the recent best moments running through my head. For most of […]

3 Photos of 2 packs

Packing for a trip this weekend, and M thought is amusing to see the cavernous North Fork at full extension. Not so huge when cinched down, but huge for an overnight.  Packraft, ski stuff, synthetic insulation.  The plan: Nyack Creek and Coal Creek in Glacier.  Spot link. Should be fun. Some new gear arrived this […]

Western Montana: A seasonal guide for outdoor recreation

The seasons dictate what we do outside and how we do it.  Outdoor recreation is at it’s best when the intersection of equipment, terrain and weather come together to provide an experience which is aesthetically interesting and spiritually satisfying.  Hauling a bike through unrideable powder or peanut butter mud does neither, nor does skiing micro-patches of summer snow […]

5 great packrafting videos

I’m getting psyched for boating, and right now, these are my favorites.  In no particular order.   I’m really looking forward to getting back into the South Fork valley. The wilderness scale and packraft-friendly terrain would seem to make it the float in the lower 48. The long-form Chris and Al have been hiding. Awesome […]

Pertex Equilibrium vest (and fabric review)

I possess a (what at times seems) ridiculous variety of technical clothing.  Three different hooded shells get used on a regular basis, two different big puffy jackets, three different insulated vests, and a 4′ by 2′ by 8″ rubbermaid bin which is mostly full of various base layers shirt and bottoms.  Yet with the exception […]