Montane Spektr snap judgment

As much as I rail against and lament the popularity of gear content here (and elsewhere), I do like gear a lot. In particular, boldly innovative gear, like the Montane Spektr smock. My medium weighed 210 grams once I cut off some useless stuff (tags, lumbar cinch as mentioned below).  The fabric is event, which […]

Altai Hok: by the numbers

The prototype, test pair of Altai Hoks arrived right as I left for work Friday (I saw the UPS from our alley parking spot, and turned the truck off to go back inside and unbox them).  So I went skiing, for the first time in over a month, Friday evening and yesterday.  Big Mountains still […]

Thursday roundup

Interval hill, hiking in Herron Park. My new shoes.  Very nice.  Notice the remarkable sight that is my low volume feet not barely filling up the shoes, with most shoes I have the laces cinched almost all the way.  Notice also my moderate-wide forefoot just having enough room.  If you’ve got paddle feet, don’t ever […]

Vicarious enjoyment

A few nice things to entertain and inspire. I need them; post-trip blues, mediocre weather, and a slow day at work aren’t making we want to get out of my pajamas very fast. I have no desire to ever directly experience anything in that particular universe, but it’s nice to know that it’s out there. […]