Happiness is a complex thing

At the finish, Paige Brady photo. I’ve had zero energy all week, despite eating well and sleeping as much as I want.  Time to get out and do some boating, see what changes have happened in my absence, and gradually find my new self again. Advertisements

Classic Packs

Most of the packs from the race start, minimal editorialization. Ken from Kenai’s MYOG pack. Golite Gust. Rob of Team Heavy’s Exos. Chris’ Granite Gear Blaze AC 60. Don’s Mariposa Plus. Mike Martin’s NRS. John Sykes’s MEC rucksack. Luc’s CAMP pack. Tyler’s Black Diamond. Todd’s Vapor Trail (worth noting that these were the four that […]


The 2011 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic is done.  I teamed up on route with fellow rookie Paige Brady, and in spite of a storm Monday night that sent us back to wait overnight under a spruce tree for better weather, we finished in second overall at 3 days, 12 hours, and 20 minutes. The real […]

AK bound

Beargrass, by M. I didn’t really start to get nervous until I began collecting and packing things yesterday afternoon.  Now, I’m nervous.  Not because I’m worried about getting lost, or dying, or bears, or failure.  I’m nervous because the work of many months is coming to focused fruition in a very compressed amount of time.  […]

Problems of Authenticity

“Write drunk; edit sober.”  -Hemingway Problems of authenticity have been much on my mind lately.  Part of what I assume Hendrik was writing about when he discussed some folks’ “limited mental freedom” is the lack of contextualizing research providing knowledge of the larger context.  Silly word though it has become, epic must be defined two […]