Gear spew

By my standards I’ve been rolling gear this year. Some of it has been/is really good, if not especially compelling. Below are some review notes, updates, and MYOG stuff. Feel free to ask for details. Astral Nova PFD: On its way back to REI.  After the Middle Fork trip I found it on sale and […]

Trip report contest winners

And the winners are… 1st, with 40% of the vote, the Long Range Traverse! 2nd, with 31% of the vote, the Rawah Lakes Loop! 3rd, with 21% of the vote, Coal Wood Glitter! 4th, with 5% of the vote, Allsop-Priord! And 5th, with 3% of the vote, Water Never Tasted so Good. Gentlemen, please email […]

Last day to vote!

Voting in the trip report contest will end sometime this afternoon.  So vote! Mountain goat sez don’t be a tool; vote! Strong trends developed almost immediately (lots of folks voted right of the bat) and have continued throughout, though the ranking is far from a foregone conclusion.  The results thus far have been both unsurprising […]

Anatomy of a bail

I’m supposed to be out there right now, in the woods walking and catching fish, rather than sitting in fleece and pajamas drinking coffee (having slept late after staying up even later, watching Jurassic Park 2 and 3 with M).  But driving home last night, listening to CBC blues on the radio and thinking about […]